Today is the day of extra coffee, the kind of day where you find yourself musing, maybe I should drink some water instead? to which you kindly remind yourself today is not the day to die and also going to bed at 6:00 is too early anyways.

Today is the day of dissonance, the kind of day in which you feel the need to wear two pairs of socks but your feet are going numb under the constraint and lack of blood flow but numbness is inevitable even if you don’t wear socks and the cold seeps in.

Today is the day of decisions because candy tastes better than money and who really has enough of either these days?

Today is the day of the burned-roof-of-the-mouth, the kind of day where you saturate your internal situation as quickly as possible with the hot salty spices of soup your mother made for you to take back to college but you forget that your mouth is a poor excuse for a smithing forge.

Today is the day of the blank face, the kind of day where the words and syllables and commas that are coming out of your pony-tailed professor have put in their two-weeks and no matter how much you try to be in control your pencil keeps writing “I think” followed by a plethora of question marks.

Today is the day of dyscalcula, the kind of day you told yourself you were going to pump out 100 push ups but you get to the point where you have done 25 and decide that in some cultures 25 = 100 and some kids don’t even get the pleasure of counting like you do so in memorandum of them you take one for the Universe and call it good.

Today is the day of aphasia, where you want to ask can I pet your dog? and it comes out a garbled “me dog too” and where you want to explain why you were ten minutes late and to your horror it comes out “bathroom REAL badly”.

Today is the day of prolonged eye contact, where you suddenly have lost the ability to close your eyelids over your rapidly drying-out stagnant eyes which then is broken by an enormous life-consuming soul-sucking yawn and you realize that for this entire cycle of silent roaring you were making direct eye contact with the nervous kid who sits across from you.

You know of what I speak.


Peace and Blessings,


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