I am a self-proclaimed “hopeless Surrealist”.


This reaction is okay, I understand completely. Surrealism isn’t a widely-recognized term. Unless you’re an avid art major or have seen a work of Salvador Dali, it’s hard to put together the term with a piece.

So here it is, my reasons for my fascination with Surrealism.





  1. a 20th-century avant-garde movement in art and literature that sought to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind, for example by the irrational juxtaposition of images.


I love that “irrational” is included in the definition. If I could say that I strive after one thing in life, it is to be irrational. Not dramatic, not someone who exaggerates. Simply not always logical or reasonable. Adventure  doesn’t happen with rationalism.

Surrealism, for me, takes life and shakes it out a bit. It shakes it free from stereotypes, from labels, from categorizations. It wrinkles the projected smoothness of racism and sexism and capitalism. It calls Life out on it’s inability to actually be organized, to actually meet expectations, to actually be figured out.

Surrealism is a moment, it’s infiltrated with curiosity. It catches one off guard, it rubs–sometimes painfully–against the comfort zone, against any and all previous knowledge and understanding. It can go without saying, because it is completely personalized.

We are individuals.


Okay, that’s a tad oxymoronic.

You are you. I am me. You and I are both individuals. We should interact with life in this manner, we should appreciate our uniqueness and our variety. This is surrealism to me. It is the encouragement to stop taking Life so seriously, to accept that Life only follows the rules we heap unnecessarily upon it.

So the next time you feel caged within categories or labels or expectations or rules…muse upon some Surrealism art.


Irrational juxtaposition can be beautiful.


A release of the creative potential of the unconscious mind. 




Peace & Blessings,


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