the Hydrogen Jukebox

Shake the bones and penetrate the nervous system, we've got places to be, you see. Let's mix curiosity with adventure and live shoeless and bold on the cliff face.

I have a notebook and pen beside my bed at all times because some of my most comical moments occur when I wake up and remember that I had written an idea down sometime in the middle of stage 1 or 2 of sleep. I would like to share a few of these with you, […]

I’ll show you my tattooes if you show me yours And teach me with what you’ve branded yourself. Endure my questions on what makes you essential For of you, my friend, I believe the world. Let’s you and I put socks on our feet And gloves on our hands And launch ourselves away— Away from […]

When I first begin a different sort of life in a different sort of place, I write in my notebooks, or plane tickets, or coffee receipts Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs pyramid. Big and bold, the steps of the pyramid:   I come off the airplane, become immediately sticky and sweaty in the tropical midnight heat, […]

I have met my twin, lost at birth. When I first saw her, sitting in the corner of our Math/English teachers room with the other math teachers, I thought to myself: That is who I would be if I were to have been a Math teacher. Without a doubt. I could tell she was thinking […]

You couldn’t tell, From the way he pushed his eyes down From the way he bruised his heels on the rocks From the way he flinched at her call, But that boy was brave. Brave to the core, Brave at a hotter temperature than most– Brave to the point of bursting And brave to the […]

*disclaimer: I do not assume that, because I now have a smidgeon experience teaching here, that I know what teaching is like in Indonesia. Every school is vastly different; different curriculum standards (IB, Cambridge, New Zealand, etc.) different administrations, different teachers, different sets of kids with different economic backgrounds. This is, after week one, my experience at one […]

Before coming to Indonesia, so many people told me: “Josie, you need to make sure you are aware of your surroundings at ALL times. Be safe.” To honor those who told me this, I would like to give proof that I am following their advice.     Peace and blessings, Josie