I am a creature of freedom—
a creature of freedom.
is tricky.
Some days like—
mind beats, judgement calls, unsound spectacles
unsheathing my soul in sub rosa places
only I can see (but boy do I feel).
Some days, more like—
crawling away hand over hand
grubby knees scoot across dust.
All the esoteric giggles become
covert, stealthy, tainted by criminality.

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Deep Black Silk


I doze with the lights on,
curled up on marble tile
next to my hanging laundry.

I see my world for what it is—
too tired to be
so normal.

Wafts of lavender greet me gaily
and I air myself out on the tile floor.
With my ear, like this,

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Spirals in the Sand

I am becoming less and less attached to the young female finds herself genre;

the rows and rows of book covers featuring strong tanned white females gazing into the sunsets with sloppy grins, mangy hair, and fluorescent teeth. The promise of “life-changing”, “truly inspirational”, “will make you want to pack a bag and go save the orphans”.

But when I picked up Ffyona Campbell’s A Walk Around the World from the free bin at Cafe Korero, something subconscious prompted me to unzip my backpack and place the book inside.

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Cheer Setting

Tim Ferriss attributes much of his success to the practice of “fear setting“: he takes a sheet of paper, divides it into three columns and labels them “Define”, “Prevent,” and “Repair.”

Under the first column, write 10-20 things that could go wrong if you answer your question in the affirmative. Under the second column, answer: “what could I do to prevent each of these bullets from happening?” In the third, answer: “if the worst-cast scenarios happen, what could I do to repair the damage?”

I, on the other hand, attribute all of my success to the practice of “cheer setting”.

It’s very different, and not explicitly useful in the slightest.

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Sunlight Spotlight


Seagulls sound like happy goats
and naked babies tickle toes in the water;
the first day of spring in the bones
is a good day indeed
for a picnic with my bare knees.

The duck, with feathers slicked
from quick dips
looks smooth and skilled
like a snake, in the water.
I perch on my rock ledge
wearing my wild hair
listening to the symphonies of Wagner.

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Routine vs. Ritual

I abhor routine.

Routine makes me feel like I’m adding more and more iron reinforcement to my own cage. That I stick myself in these patterns and they hold me accountable. They take over; I must do this and then this and then this exactly this way, it’s expected of me. It’s what I’ve got to do.

I find that this routine-loathing is quite prevalent among those who love travel and the freedom of adventure.

On the other hand.

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How peculiar to be
so water proof.

Like eating a sandwich with only the hands;
so much easier than knife and fork,
than rain coat umbrella-
I’ll just get messy
use the restroom hand dryer.

These rules we make
for not ourselves.

I don’t recall making the rules
at all.

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Evanescent Holiness


I’m riding light
etched far above my shadows
casting brilliant stark on a smooth grass plain
the sun is strong the sun is
holiness is all around me. I taste it—
touch it, brush it,
holiness snuggles against me
tucks my hair behind one ear.

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For Now


It’s a bottle of wine
and a glass of stars—
and my heart beat beats
like you wouldn’t believe.

The wind, she rustles my tresses
but solicits no favors;
she gathers me up
and dip dives down in the valleys
of tree tops and tumbled down ran-shacks
the very kind
I can empathize with.

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It’s Not Travel that Will Change Us

The world fills steadily with travel blogs, and my blood pressure—I find—rises alongside.

I don’t invest time in browsing through “Top 10 Kiwi Destinations” or “Best Ways to Make Friends in Hostels” or “250 Ways That Travel Changes You”; partly because, being a snob, I don’t tend to like the things that the social people like.

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Soon the cold water
will feel warm.
I’ll feel
it was always warm.

My quest is to foretell the future
to stay insane—
very much insane.

Momentous inertia
reaches fragile ears
and I’m finding :
I regret nothing.

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I rest
with the little waves.

My feet are sore and feeling heavy
a happy heavy, an earned heavy,
these waves have traveled a lifetime.
We surge together, side by side
blood flushes with the swelling tide
then down,
back down,
down for both our sakes’.
We ebb and flow
and contemplate magnitude,
hand in hand, soul in soul
with softened gazes
a tall sense of justice.

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