Let There Be Ease


Mahalo, my love
for your blue eyes.

For the soul eyes impressed
on my own when I rest
let shoulders lie easy.
Let all the palm trees
be breezy. Let
the waves
on sand shores

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Mountain in Glass


I am the mountain against the shattered panes of glass;
dynamic quests for focus leaving
a viewer head-tilted
more confused than ever.

Dawn mist
lit amber saffron, sweeping
streaming willowing between
fern slopes.

Still slopes.

As still as possible.

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Yin & Yang


Dance dark
against the moonlight shadows;
the dust will take you deeper–
digging down to shaded levels of
acrid denial
tasting like dental floss.

Dance light
upon the meadow tresses;
the sunbeam spotlights like
braided rope. Fading
numbness from the fingers out
and suffice to say–
the world takes hold.

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The Color of the Sea


I’ve been told before the color of the sea

but the knowledge has never served me.
For I plunge
my soul dark beneath satin waters
& out gushes
white-light waterfalls.

Candor! I think,
that’s the color.

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You appeared at the perfect time.

Whilst break dancing
through religious break-throughs, breakfasting
on white light hues, she saw you and the life-guard
got off the chair for her turn in the waves.

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Sister Patacara on Awakening


Washing my feet, I notice

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Moonlight Here-I-Am


A little bit of moonlight here-I-am
as breath surpasses finger count.
That which is positive
grows me;
that which is negative
grows me.
In attempts to remain level,
we remain level;

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Up In the Clouds


Release me—

my mind is a maze of serpentine
storylines, bending and swirling
with the Kabul River, cuddling, carving
belting the Hindu Kush;

Hindu Kush to the Tian Shan;
Tengri Tagh or Tengir-Too, anything at all
to breathe in Mountains of Heaven.
Sharp, cascading inhales of the ice gods, the grins
I see in the snow lines, the dusk-shades cast by sunlight—

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The Gradual Shelf of the Sea


Two final footsteps echoed against the scratched glass door
& off we were—
murmuring swampy lives away,
lobbing for ourselves the God-given champagne
against the bobbing she-queen, Queen of the Nile.

Life was in bubbles, great wads
of the stuff, tacky & sweet and still
criss-crossed in hot-blooded pen—

the deeper we burrowed in our footstep murmurs,
the deeper we saw;

until the hole grew so lightless
so breathless
so pointless

we found refuge.

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Life with Cosmo


The shadowy evening cast itself long against the sign pole. Stirling Point, the “southern-most point of New Zealand”–not even the southern-most point of Bluff–hung there, suspended, like some glorious trophy I would have given back for more time.

My body ached.

Electricity was zip-lining through me, pulsing in the backs of my knees, the creases of my elbows, the temple vein. Max, Arwed, Drew and I had been walking since 4 a.m., a steady thump of feet against compact sand, the New Zealand south coast as mystical and unraveled as we’d imagined. We had hiked 70km today to be here; my legs, strong now from seven weeks of hiking, were sore.

My palm closed around the metal pole.

I felt everything descend.

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Do you have the time?



time to bend
low, towards
hairy fiddlehead ferns and ask her secrets;
“unfold yourself,” you speak, the echoes
rich against the Manoa waterfall.

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Just to Be


Nothing to prove. Tis

just to be.

Merited, honest, sound
open-minded and even-handed
I see the scales are already

and all I’ve been doing
is breathing.

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